A place to call home is also part of the greater Mercado District project, under development by The Gadsden Company. The whole neighborhood is planned as a LEED standard, sustainable, transit-oriented development.

The home builders of the Mercado District lovingly claim that they are building a future historic district.

West End Station

Westend Station Apartments are 70 units of Work-Force Housing. For information on becoming a resident please contact (520) 622-1802 or westendstation@gormanusa.com

Monier Apartments

Opening Spring 2021

The Monier Apartments are at the center of the Mercado District of Menlo Park. Designed by Moule & Polyzoides Architects, this beautiful apartment building offers a sophisticated lifestyle and takes its lead from classic Pre-War Style of grand Apartment Buildings.

Call today to reserve your apartment at (520) 729-3826 or email manager@monierapartments.com

Further information at Monier Apartments.

Single Family Housing

This project places one hundred single-family home lots west of the Monier Apartments. Developed by Rio Development Company and built by 3 charter builders, the neighborhood is award-winning and a wonderful place to live. For information on lot & homes sales contact Susan Denis (520) 977-8503.

*Photography by Reyn Saunders