A unique downtown Tucson experience

Some of the greatest cities in the world are home to vibrant market districts. The Gadsden Company, Mission District Partners and Rio Development are working to add Tucson, Arizona to that list. This dynamic district combines housing, shopping, restaurants, markets and beautifully diverse architecture to create Tucson’s premier transit-oriented development. Located on the West-End of Tucson’s Modern Streetcar line the district is anchored by two shopping centers Mercado San Agustín and the MSA Annex, both situated along the beautiful tree lined Avenida Del Convento.


From single-family homes to apartment buildings, the Mercado District is a superb place to live.

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Shopping & Eating

With a wide variety of merchants and eateries, the Mercado District is sure to have something for everyone.



Like all things great it begins with an idea. See where it started and what’s in store for the Mercado District.

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Mercado District Map

Find where everything’s happening!

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