Creating a dynamic, regionally appropriate, transit-orientated neighborhood takes years of planning.

The initial vision began in 2003 with Rio Development and focused on single-family homes and commercial lots west of Avendida Del Convento. With New Urbanist, Stephanos Polyzoides, at the helm, many community and private design charrettes were held. Building on what Rio Development and Stephanos Polyzoides created, The Gadsden Company formed in 2006 as a Community Development Company to continue in these efforts and expand the vision.

These images were produced in those sessions. The vision for the neighborhood is the starting point for what evolves into reality. The Grand Mercado is a dream that Gadsden would still like to see on the West side of Tucson. Mercado San Agustín and MSA Annex are seedlings for that effort!

These projects were awarded from the City of Tucson and community leaders through a competitive bid process.