Steel Beans Concert

Friday, May 5 | 6:00PM - 10:00PM
Friday, May 5 | 6:00PM - 10:00PM

Flam Chen presents Steel Beans  

w/Special Guests Spank and DJ Carl Hanni
Friday May 5
267 Avenida Del Convento
Tucson, AZ 85745

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Jeremy DeBardi of Steel Beans is like a one-man White Stripes, and he’s coming to a west coast venue near you soon.

15 years after releasing his first album, Jeremy DeBardi – leader of Steel Beans, a band from Everett, WA – is blowing up on social media, thanks to a video that’s gone viral on Twitter.
What is Steel Beans?
Steel Beans is a multi genre group formed 15 years ago in North Everett, WA. It has been an art collective with a  revolving door of of nearly 50 members, all likeminded weirdos doing not only music but visuals/projections, costumes, theatrical bits, improvisations, comedy, animation and other visual arts. Ranging from a solo act to a trio, to a 10 pc. band with horns the band covers nearly every genre but generally leans heavy into 60s rock influences. Jeremy received worldwide recognition in October of 2022 for his solo act wherein he plays Guitar, Drums and sings at the same time.

Steel Beans formed in 2007. Subsequent releases include 2011’s The Variegated Tonal Opulence, the following year’s Moonchild (Hitchhikes Southbound For Sunrise On The Wrong Side Of The Road), and Steel Beans XIII: Albatross Birdbath, which was released in 2017.