2023 Arizona International Film Festival

Tuesday April 19 - Sunday April 30 | 7-10pm
Tuesday April 19 - Sunday April 30 | 7-10pm


2023 Arizona International Film Festival, April 19-30.

Remaining true to the independent spirit, the Arizona International Film Festival, the oldest film celebration in Arizona, is a venue for independent filmmakers in search of an independent audience.The Festival theme of Bridging Cultures provides a way for independent cinema to share images and voices of diverse cultures from around the world with Arizona communities.

For more festival information, log onto www.filmfestivalarizona.com

THE WARM SEASON, Wed April 19, 7:30pm  $10 admission

A character-driven sci-fi drama about human-extraterrestrial contact that impresses with humor and heart.


HEALING DAKOTA, Wed April 26, 7:30pm  $10 admission

A chance encounter between a K-9 trainer and a K9 with PTSD starts a journey of love and healing.


TO THE SUMMIT, Thu April 27, 7:30pm  $10 admission

A documentary about perseverance and positive attitude towards life, as well as the magnificence of Mount Everest.


 FOUR SOULS OF COYOTE, Fri April 28, 7:30pm  $10 admission

An indigenous creation myth is depicted in this animated feature through artful storytelling and dazzling animation.


A TRIBUTE TO PEPE SERNA, Sat April 29,  7:30pm  $15 admission(includes reception)

Today Pepe Serna serves as a link between traditional Hollywood and a new generation of filmmakers who grew up watching his films.


UNICORN BOY,  Sat April 30, 7:30pm  $10 admission

A young adult, coming-of-age animated feature which explores the complexity of first heartbreak and gender identity.